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5 Facts about Tallahassee Metal Roofing

5 Facts about Tallahassee Metal Roofing

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Why Tallahassee Metal Roofing?

Although 90% of American homes have an asphalt shingle roof, there is a growing popularity in the metal roof, and for good reason. Here are five facts to help you learn more about Tallahassee metal roofing.

5 Facts about Metal Roofs

  1. A Metal Roof Could Outlive You – Longevity is key for metal Tallahassee roofing. The average metal Tallahassee roof will last 40-70 years. Although there is a higher upfront cost for this option, it is an investment that will pay off for many years to come.
  2. Customizable Metal, Design, and Color Options – First off, there are many choices of metals that can be used for the Tallahassee roof: aluminum, steel, and even copper and other exotic materials. Then there are several styles to choose from: sheet roofing, standing seams, or even shake shingles, which are designed to look like typical roofing shingles. Metal Tallahassee roofing color choices are literally like looking at the rainbow.
  3. Hold Up Well to Weather Extremes – High winds, heavy rain, hail, and fire have caused destruction to many roofs. Metal roofs, however, will never catch fire, it is rare for a metal Tallahassee roof to leak, and they have been shown to protect homes from hurricane winds ranging from 110-160 mph.
  4. Energy Efficient – Because of the cool reflective surface of a metal roof, the sun’s heat will be reflected instead of absorbed. This leads to a large savings in energy bills, especially in the hottest times of the year. Even the least energy efficient metals of cooper and zinc (because of their dark color) are more energy efficient than the average shingle Tallahassee roof.
  5. Low Maintenance – Some general maintenance for a metal Tallahassee roof is importance, but the amount of maintenance needed is minimal compared to the asphalt shingle Tallahassee roof. Removing debris, trimming close trees, and cleaning gutters, if the Tallahassee roof has gutters, are three simple maintenance tips.


Metal Tallahassee Roofs are a great investment and we, Tallahassee roofers from High Quality Roofing Co., would love to assist you with any metal Tallahassee roofing needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your metal Tallahassee roofing needs.

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