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Choosing a top rated Jacksonville Roofing Contractor for your roofing requirements need not be a difficult task. However, many consumers that make a quick pick based upon low prices or sales gimmicks quite often regret their hasty decisions.

Buyer’s remorse with regards to committing to expensive services is quite prevalent in the roofing industry.
It is absolutely imperative to thoroughly research any potential contractor before signing a contract.

1- Always look at a company’s BBB profile
2- Ensure on-line reviews are linked to an actual source
3- Avoid Storm chasers that have no vested interest in your community
4- Focus on a trusted contractor that does not rely on insurance claims alone
5- Choose to work with a roofing consultant as opposed to a fast-talking salesperson
6- Insist on manufacturers product warranties along with workmanship guarantees

When it comes to hiring a top rated Jacksonville Roofing Contractor you deserve a high quality roofing company than will exceed your expectations.

Contact us today and speak with a trained and knowledgeable roofing consultant that puts your needs first.

Providing affordable and reliable roofing services from Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra to St. Augustine. Also serving St. Johns, Orange Park, Lakeside and Middleburg.

Roofing services including repairs, can be very costly if not performed correctly the first time around. Cheap roof repairs or replacements can end up costing a lot more in the long run if not done correctly.

Affordable roofing services are not simply a reflection of the lowest price point. Exceptional workmanship, meaningful warranties along with a comprehensive scope of work are all important factors to consider. At High Quality Roofing we provide value-based estimates for the work that is actually required.

By providing real-time photo-documented roof reports for every client, we eliminate any guesswork. This allows our clients to easily observe exactly what we uncover or reveal.

Our desire is to become your Jacksonville Roofing Contractor of choice, and ensure the money that you invest is spent wisely. We provide affordable and reliable roofing services that will save you money.

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What sets us apart when it comes to a shingle roof replacement or repair request in Jacksonville?

A high quality roof replacement company will always determine the best course of action for the clients they serve. Our uncompromising commitment is to always faithfully and consistently provide roofing service estimates based upon actual as opposed to perceived requirements.

This truly sets us apart in an industry that is focused on large profit margins, oftentimes at the expense of a trusting home or business owner.

We will never advise a potential client to replace a roof that still has useful service life. Likewise, our consultants will always advise against investing good money on a failed roof system.

When it truly is time for a shingle roof replacement, there are many important factors to consider.

Do not assume that three-tab shingles are a true economical choice. Architectural shingles have a lifespan that exceeds entry line roofing shingles.

For any shingle roof replacement project in Jacksonville, it is best to utilize a laminated roofing product. This is due in part to the superior wind uplift rating.

Choosing a certified Jacksonville roofing contractor is important. Many consumers buy extended warranties for small appliances or computers. However, very few consider extended manufacturer product warranties for roofing systems that cost thousands of dollars.

High Quality Roofing Company is an Owens Corning certified roofing company, and we strongly recommend the system plus warranty for every roof we install.

The Owens Corning Duration shingle with their patented sure nail technology is a great shingle choice. These shingles have a good nail pull-through resistance that allows for nail blow-through protection. This upgrade can also allow for extra wind uplift protection.

residential roof replacement costs Jacksonville

A residential shingle roof replacement in Jacksonville represents a major expense. So it stands to reason that choosing the right roofing system is very important.

There are several different types of asphalt shingles, and it’s important to understand the different performance characteristics and pricing. Life-cycle costs should be factored into any asphalt shingle roof replacement consideration.

An entry level three-tab shingle is distinguished by two cutouts from just below the sealing strip creating a 3-tab effect. This is also one of the downfalls of this product in high wind areas. An asphalt shingle that is manufactured as a continuous strip is a better choice.

  • The average shingle roofing price for a basic three-tab shingle is approximately $300.00 per square.
  • Useful service life for a 3-tab shingle in Florida is estimated at 12-15 years.
  • The wind rating for a three-tab shingle is 60 to 70 M.P.H. This will decrease with age.

A laminated or architectural style shingle is made without any cutouts. This allow for increased performance in wind prone areas. These shingles are also heavier than three tabs.

  • Asphalt shingle roof replacement costs for a laminated product starts at approximately $315.00 per square.
  • Useful service life for an architectural shingle in Florida is estimated at 15-25 years.
  • The wind rating for an architectural shingle is 110 to 130 M.P.H. This will decrease with age.

When comparing asphalt shingle roof prices, ensure your roofing consultant discusses the useful service life of the system your considering.

Trusted Jacksonville roofing company

A poor roof install truly is a disaster in the making. We exist to help our customers avoid expensive litigation and unnecessary frustrations.

High quality roofing services along with careful roof design considerations is your defense against unpredictable Florida weather events.

Our client’s want a trusted Jacksonville roofing company that offers quality roofing services and complete customer satisfaction. And they do not have to settle for anything less.

Those whom we serve take comfort in knowing that cost-effective solution options are provided as opposed to high pressure sales tactics.

Our focus is towards providing a unique customer service experience that is memorable and exceptional.

You deserve a top-rated professional that will exceed your expectations. Call us today, we are your repair and replacement experts.

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