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At High Quality Roofing, we start the process with a photo-documented roof inspection report. Our roof consultants provide you with accurate information so an informed decision can be reached on the best course of action to take.

A compete shingle roof replacement is a huge expense, and if at all possible, we strive to extend the lifespan of your current roof system. However, sometimes an expensive shingle roof repair is just not a wise investment.

If it will be necessary to get a new roof in a couple of years, a $ 1,500.00 dollar repair bill might not be a cost-effective option. However, if the useful service life is expected to exceed 5-10 years, that is an entirely different situation.

shingle roof repair jacksonville

As soon as you notice water infiltration call the repair experts that stop leaks. And if you do require a roof replacement in Jacksonville, you’ll love our free roof leak repair protection plan.

For those clients that do require a new shingle roof, we’ve truly got you covered. Depending on the season, it may be two to six weeks before your project can commence.

While you are waiting it is entirely possible that you might notice water stains on your ceiling after a heavy Florida downpour. Do not panic, just call to have one of our friendly service techs come by and have a look. Once our clients are under contract with us, up to two temporary roof repairs will be performed free of charge. Treating customers like family is one of the many qualities that truly sets us apart.

Shingle Roof Repair prices Jacksonville

A minor leak in your roof can quickly become a costly problem if it is not addressed quickly. Our goal is to provide roof leak repair quotes to our Jacksonville customers within 48 hours. Our team values every customer, and those with active leaks are prioritized accordingly. Most sales personnel are only really interested in large commissions earned from total shingle roof replacement projects. Whereas your high quality consultant is more concerned with relationship building.

How much does a roof leak repair cost?

  • Most residential roof repair contractors charge homeowners a minimum trip charge of $400.00 or more for any type of service work no matter how small the job is.
  • At High Quality Roofing, we have no minimum service fee to fix a leak. In fact, we routinely diagnose and then perform small repairs for 100 to 200 dollars.
  • Perhaps the source of those annoying water spots on your ceiling is due to a couple of nail pop through a few shingles. We can quickly fix that for 200.00 or less.
  • Quite often a squirrel damaged lead plumbing vent is the cause of a leaking roof. Our plumbing vent replacement prices start at 250.00
  • A neoprene vent pipe flashing repair will usually cost about $90.00 per rain collar.
  • Caulking exposed fasteners can be taken care of in conjunction with other services for as little as 75.00
  • The cost to replace a small section of wind damaged ridge cap shingles (up to 15 lineal feet) would be $ 350.00
  • Temporary or emergency repair pricing from $175.00 to $350.00 depending on square footage.

 Jacksonville roof leak repair – we stop leaks

We are a five star rated Jacksonville Roofing Contractor that values our reputation above all else. And our clients take comfort in knowing that their needs are our top priority. We consistently deliver expert workmanship, friendly and knowledgeable roof technicians combined with the best possible prices.

Consider a roof leak repair company in Jacksonville that actually stops leaks – guaranteed. Our roof consultants will always provide you with solution options with your best interests in mind. As well our team will never utilize hard sales tactics. This approach is unneeded and very unprofessional. Also, with real time photographic roof reporting the guesswork is simply removed.

Call us today at 904 606 4450 and get the results you deserve. We are shingle roof repair Jacksonville FL specialists.

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